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KUALA LUMPUR: Tower Real Estate Investment Trust (Tower-REIT) is offering customisable office layouts for prospective tenants at Menara HLX in Jalan Kia Peng, Kuala Lumpur.

In a statement yesterday, Tower-REIT, which owns the building, said it will be offering the highly customisable office layouts through its collaboration with EzyOffice, an innovative renovation provider that serves clients through digitised office concepts and ideas, Bernama reported.

Called “Office Made Ezy”, this first-in-Malaysia pilot allows future tenants to be served by a comprehensive one-stop, build-to-fit workspace within Menara HLX, which offers several templates and dozens of variations for workspace units that ranges from 2,000 sq ft to 13,000 sq ft and more.”

Tower-REIT chief executive officer Noorbaizura Hermeyney said the concept will allow tenants to save time, reduce complexity and quickly turn around the space so they can start operating quicker.

She added that tenants will also be able to focus on their business and not the tedious aspects of construction and interior design.

Tower-REIT said all a prospective tenant needs to do is select a template on the EzyOffice platform for further customisation and it will provide a quick estimate on costs.

“Packages can be as comprehensive as including office furniture, partitions, wall, floor and ceiling coverings, as well as electrical and air conditioning works.

EzyOffice founder and managing director Teo Khai Lee said the collaboration with Tower-REIT will allow the firm to showcase its expertise in commercial interior design and renovation service.




“EzyOffice provides value by digitising office concepts and ideas, and then presenting these in an easy to digest digital format that lists all out expertly-crafted designs, all highly bespoke,” he said.

Teo emphasised that clients could save anywhere between two-to-four weeks by using its process, other than maximising the chances of creating the best environment for their workforce.

By viewing the template customised for specific layouts and floor space, Noorbaizura said business owners can make decisions faster, adding that Tower-REIT is considering applying the same concept to Plaza Zurich in future.

To make things even easier, Menara HLX will also host a 2,100 sq ft showroom to allow prospective tenants to not merely see, but to experience four custom-designed templates.

Each template will be applicable across three different layouts over four different floor plans.

Owned by Guocoland (M) Bhd, Tower-REIT invests in prime office and commercial real estate assets.

Its portfolio currently comprises stakes in three premium, Grade A office assets, namely Guoco Tower, Plaza Zurich and Menara HLX.

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